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November 30, 2010


Account Deleted

Its something very cool mirror..In want to know can it be Mounted to any type of helmet..?And it said that "guaranteed for 5 years"..So you really provide guarantee/ warranty for this mirror..

Outspoken Cyclist

We do guarantee it for 5 years - unconditionally! It fits about 90+% of all helmets. It is extremely adjustable, bendable, and can easily be "molded" to the shape of the helmet shell with your hands.

If you don't like it - we'll take it back... you just have to promise to tell us why.


Diane & Brian
HubBub Custom Bicycles


Tried your 'contact us' link in the shop but it isn't going anywhere in my browser. So this is another way through! I was reading 'Velovision' magazine today, a piece about your mirrors being available from Junik-hpv in Germany. Where is the best place for me in the UK to obtain one? Thanks ... PK

Outspoken Cyclist

Hi PKohn!

We don't yet have a distributor in the UK but would be happy to send you one via post right away. Just send me an email: and I will reply!



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